The Featured Runner for September and October 2021 is NIC ISRAEL

I’m glad that Nic agreed to become this month’s featured runner since I have had a slew of dude’s filling this role ever since the first segment (which was my wife, dating all the way back to a year ago almost!) It’s definitely time to get some female representation back on here! I met the […] More

Nic’s choice for September and October 2021 donations is THE FAMILY CENTRE

This period’s charitable organization that will be receiving funds on behalf of The Streets Initiative is The Family Centre. They play an important role in providing support services to local families in a variety of ways including counselling, group therapy, and youth support services. The Family Centre also provides assistance to newcomers to Edmonton that […] More

Week 39… Olympics Rule!

Who else loves the Olympics? If I could take two weeks off and just sit in front of the tv and watch all the events, I would totally do it. Summer or Winter doesn’t matter, they are both equally as great and I love how they are so good at showcasing amateur sports that normally […] More

Week 35… Firing back up!

It’s been a while since I posted an update on here and that was the case for a couple of reasons. Anybody that follows the site would have noticed that I had a significant drop in my mileage over the last couple of months starting at the beginning of April. I wrote briefly about it […] More

The Featured Runner for July and August 2021 is STEPHEN OBERMEIER

With June ending and July starting, it means the ushering in of a new period and a new local featured runner in charge of telling me where all funds gathered by The Streets Initiative are to go. That runner is none other than… (drumroll)…. Stephen Obermeier out of west central Edmonton! Steve becomes the 5th […] More

Steve’s choice for July and August 2021 donations is YESS

The charity that has been chosen this month by my latest featured runner, Steve Obermeier, is Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS). I’m happy that Steve picked this organization because they occupy a niche in society giving youths 15-24 years of age an option for help out of traumatic situations. YESS exists to be a […] More

Life on the trail according to Jason Kinsella

Jason Kinsella loves his unicycle. Not many people have ridden one, much less owned one, but Jason has. It’s symbolic of his approach to running, racing, and life in general. Just embrace the unknown and figure it out as you go. The 42 year old, who is married and has been living in Edmonton for […] More

The Featured Runner for May and June 2021 is JASON KINSELLA

The featured runner train continues to add new passengers as it slowly rolls along. This period is none other than speedy local Edmontonian, Jason Kinsella. I was lucky enough to catch up to him (both figuratively and literally…this guy can run!) and have a really interesting conversation with him out on the trails in Fort […] More

Jason’s choice for the May and June 2021 donations is THE EDMONTON FOOD BANK

Incorporated in the City of Edmonton in 1981, The Edmonton Gleaners Association,  more commonly known as Edmonton’s Food Bank, is one of the most recognized charities in the city. Their mandate is to provide food resources for Edmonton’s hungry:  The Food Bank accepts and distributes food to over 250 partner agencies and on average provides […] More


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