Week 84… What do you mean that’s part of Edmonton??

I’m 44 years old and I’ve been born and raised in the City of Edmonton or surrounding area my whole life and thought I knew the borders. It turns out that I actually didn’t and when I started this I assumed Edmonton was everything within the Anthony Henday ring road and also including a few […] More

The Featured Edmontonian for May and June 2022 is JOHN MARKOWSKI

Sherwood Park resident John Markowski has been a resident of both the city and surrounding area for his whole life. He’s a long-time runner who has completed seven marathons under 3 hours, which is good because I remember him telling me one time that marathon organizers back in the 80’s and 90’s would shut the […] More

John’s Choice for May and June donations is THE MUSTARD SEED

Founded in 1984 by Pat Nixon, the Mustard Seed is a non-profit organization that cares for individuals experiencing poverty or homelessness. From their first location in Calgary, they now have facilities operating in multiple cities in western Canada including Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Kamloops, and of course Edmonton. In addition to offering shelter, meals, and […] More

Week 74…A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

I’m happy to say that I’m nearly complete the Southeastern portion of Edmonton. I’m really impressed with some of the newer neighborhoods that are being built here and the shift in attention to parks and trails by urban planners. You can really tell that green spaces are being looked at as integral in the construction […] More

The Featured Runner for March and April is SAPPHIRE KROETSCH

Meet Sapphire, everyone! The local Physiotherapist is not only an alum of the University of Alberta, but is also a veteran of MacEwan University’s soccer team with whom she played for a couple of intense seasons. Sapphire also worked as a trainer for the U of A Golden Bears, but now the 26 year old […] More

Sapphire’s choice for March and April donations is WELLSPRING EDMONTON

Every day, 60 Albertans hear the words “you have cancer”. Those three words have immense power to turn any life upside down. The rollercoaster of emotions that follows a cancer diagnosis, combined with the medical interventions such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are very challenging for patients, as well as their families. Wellspring Edmonton is […] More

Week 61 Brrrrrr, Time to Gear up for Winter!

Well, they have officially arrived. The really cold temperatures that we love as Edmontonians are finally here and will be on and off for the next 3 months or so. It’ll come as no surprise to anybody who knows me that I dislike winter immensely but I just deal with it and try to look […] More

The Featured Runner for January and February is ALYSSA VADUVA

The first runner of 2022 is non other than local Edmonton trauma nurse Alyssa Vaduva! Congratulations to Alyssa for recently becoming an RN! Alyssa and I met up in Claireview and did a run out in Hermitage Park where she was telling me that she began running by using the Couch to 5k app. She […] More

Alyssa’s choice for January and February donations is EDMONTON’S HOPE MISSION

Started in 1929 by Harold Edwardson at the onset of the Great Depression as a soup kitchen, the Hope Mission is one of Edmonton’s longest serving charitable organizations. On a daily basis, care is provided to over 800 people in the form of meals, shelter, and medical services with multiple locations in the city that […] More

Week 52…Whaaaaat? A whole year complete already??

Well, here we are! A full 52 week cycle completed! It almost worked out that one year in coincided with 100 runs and 1000kms which are both a less than my expectations, but I’m secretly relieved that those numbers are where they are. For a while in the spring I was getting awfully pesimistic about […] More


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