Life on the trail according to Jason Kinsella

Jason Kinsella loves his unicycle. Not many people have ridden one, much less owned one, but Jason has. It’s symbolic of his approach to running, racing, and life in general. Just embrace the unknown and figure it out as you go. The 42 year old, who is married and has been living in Edmonton for […] More

The Featured Runner for May and June 2021 is JASON KINSELLA

The featured runner train continues to add new passengers as it slowly rolls along. This period is none other than speedy local Edmontonian, Jason Kinsella. I was lucky enough to catch up to him (both figuratively and literally…this guy can run!) and have a really interesting conversation with him out on the trails in Fort […] More

Jason’s choice for the May and June 2021 donations is THE EDMONTON FOOD BANK

Incorporated in the City of Edmonton in 1981, The Edmonton Gleaners Association,  more commonly known as Edmonton’s Food Bank, is one of the most recognized charities in the city. Their mandate is to provide food resources for Edmonton’s hungry:  The Food Bank accepts and distributes food to over 250 partner agencies and on average provides […] More

Week 23 & 24 Grrrrr!

Ok, so if you’ll remember in the last post I wrote, I made a comment about the different kinds of pain a runner can experience before, during, or after an activity. I said that after years of running it becomes easier to determine if the pain you’re feeling during said activity is just something to […] More

Week 21 & 22 No Pain, No Gain!

The one thing I always say about running, which isn’t just unique to running I should add, is that it’s always challenging. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for the first time or if you’ve been doing it for a lifetime, whether you’re running 5k in your neighborhood or you’re running an ultramarathon. Anytime […] More

Week 19 and 20…Ladies and Gentleman, gird your loins!

Bye bye winter. I heard the news on the radio the other day and I couldn’t be happier since spring is my favorite season of the year. I just like how everything just seems fresh and crisp for some reason. Even though there are still some colder temperatures, they feel warmer because we’ve been used […] More

Week 17 and 18…Mush!

So with the latest period starting, it means that a new charity is brought in to the fold and we bid adieu to Risky Genes who walked away with a little over $450.00 to continue their fight against hereditary cancer. I’m glad Chris Skrenek chose Second Chance Animal Rescue Society because I’ve always had a […] More

Chris’ choice for my March & April 2021 donations is SCARS

As The Streets Initiative’s Featured Runner for March and April, Chris Skrenek chose Second Chance Animal Rescue Society as the organization to receive donations. SCARS aim is to protect all animals from cruelty and suffering and promote humane treatment. They care for 200 pets at any given time and find homes for as many as […] More

The Featured Runner for March and April 2021 is CHRIS SKRENEK

It’s that time again and with the arrival of March, I’m happy to introduce local Edmonton surveyor, Chris Skrenek as The Streets Initiative’s featured runner for the next 2 month donation period. I was glad that Chris agreed to help out because he epitomizes a large part of what my secondary goal with the project […] More

Week 14 & 15…Nobody likes you, Cold, go away….

Say what you want about Canada being a great country, (despite the usual problems, it really is) does anyone actually get amped up when the weather is as cold as it’s been lately? I might have even said it on here before but I do think cold weather running is really underrated. As opposed to […] More


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