Alyssa’s choice for January and February donations is EDMONTON’S HOPE MISSION

Started in 1929 by Harold Edwardson at the onset of the Great Depression as a soup kitchen, the Hope Mission is one of Edmonton’s longest serving charitable organizations. On a daily basis, care is provided to over 800 people in the form of meals, shelter, and medical services with multiple locations in the city that our homeless can rely on throughout the year. In fact, the Hope Mission consists of an emergency shelter downtown, a 24/7 intox center, a youth shelter, and the Herb Jamieson Center for short term stays. When I visited their website, I was interested to find out that The Hope Mission even offers youth programs aimed at keeping kids healthy and active. The RW Tegler Youth Center, in our city’s east side, is a safe and fun place for kids to go and has a huge indoor skate park, climbing wall and other fun things to do in their games room.

The Hope Mission unfortunately suffered a fire at their warehouse in October. The blaze destroyed much of the winter stock of jackets, coats, mittens, socks, and other items they had set aside and ready to disperse before winter hit. In addition to all the winter supplies, their food truck was also burned. Gently used or new items can be donated to the Hope Mission to assist in replenishing their supplies and are greatly appreciated, especially in light of the recent weather. Any help to this charity, be it monetary or otherwise translates directly into Edmontonians recieving basic items for everyday survival. For more information, visit their website at . Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Written by Tim L

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