Week 101 Where does all the time go?

UPDATE: Km’s run: 2676.5

Donations raised: $7814.70

Current Charity: Neurosurgery Kids Fund

Throughout their time in school, all of my kids have been tasked with building a leprechaun trap in their art classes. The last time this happened with my youngest, we were speculating on what we would wish for. Of course, the usual things were brought up when my son said he would wish for a pallet of Mars bars or have a faucet in the house that poured out Pepsi instead of water. I totally agree with those…really solid wishes for sure. but those are the obvious ones that everyone always says (aren’t they??). As the conversation went on, I really started thinking about it and I eventually arrived at the conclusion that if I had an additional wish after I already had my 5000 Mars bars, I think I would wish for the ability to not need to sleep. Sort of like my body now had the ability to recharge itself on the fly while I’m doing my usual routine. It’s like 6-8 hours of extra time to do stuff everyday.

That may not seem like a lot by itself, but it adds up. Just to throw some numbers out there, think of it like if you sleep an average of 7 hours a night over a lifetime of 80 years, that 7 hours per day adds up to over 23 years! So that’s like packing 23 more years of time into an 80 year lifespan, or to look at ti another way would be like a person who would have lived to be 80 not dying until they are 103. A person could get so much done! Renos around the house, work a second job, anything really. In my case, I think I would definitely use some of that time to go running and work on my website. I told this to my wife and she just said I’d probably just be chilling on the couch watching movies while everyone else was in bed. Fair comment and entirely possible. That being said though, there is a certain value in doing nothing or doing things that many consider to be a waste of time. In many cases it gives your mind a chance to decompress and your body relax.

In any case, my situation of trying to juggle work, family, and all other things is no different than anybody else so it just comes down to getting to things as they come and prioritizing based on necessity. My progress on getting every street in Edmonton completed is moving along nicely and I’ve started to establish myself in the southwest portion of the city. Cameron Heights, Edgemont. and The Uplands are done now, and I’m setting my sights on The Hamptons next. It’s been a bit slower lately since I’m fighting through some weird lower body issues in the usual places (hip and knees mostly). Nagging injuries are so irritating but expected.

Written by Tim L

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