Matt’s choice for January and February 2023 donations is WOUNDED WARRIORS

Imagine dedicating your life to service of your country or community and then months or years later, having your life and livelihood ruined by the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is exactly the situation many soldiers and first responders experience after being on the front lines day in and day out. Much has been learned of the effects of PTSD since a serious look at the condition began to be studied in the 1970’s and terms like “shell shock” and “battle fatigue” began to be discarded.

Wounded Warriors is an organization that assists military veterans and front line workers deal with PTSD through a variety of programs including support groups, K9 assisted programs, and access to professional medical services. In addition to direct support to victims of PTSD, Wounded Warriors also has programs aimed at assisting spouses and other family members as well. The Spousal Resiliency program and their Wounded Warriors Kids Camp aim to assist the families of PTSD victims and their quality of life. As well, they even have a Before Operational Stress (BOS) program which is exactly as the title is worded and aims to provide candidates the tools to deal with future situations in which PTSD would otherwise be an outcome. Open your hearts and wallets, Edmonton! Every dollar helps when it comes to funding a great organization like Wounded Warriors!

Please visit for volunteering opportunities or for further information on any of their programs.

Interested in donating? Awesome! Just follow the link here:

Thanks Edmonton!

Written by Tim L

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