Week 2 and 3. Hopefully this works…

Ok, I’m on the verge of launching the site here and I’m not exactly a savant when it comes to anything computer related so I just hope that this post ends up where I want it to when I publish this. The site is basically done but only because luckily I’ve got a good buddy that helped me out with all the heavy lifting. I still have tons of bugs that I need to work out and things that I’d like to eventually add so if you’re one of the early visitors to The Streets, it’ll definitely get better.

I’ve tallied 3 runs so far for a total of about 25 km. The snow has arrived so it looks like the next few months will be typical Edmonton winter running. I’ve always said, winter running is underrated. Many people retreat to the treadmills over the winter but I stand by my opinion that winter running is just as good, if not better, than summer running. You start out a bit cold but within the first half km you warm up and it just becomes a situation where you gotta watch out for the odd slippery patch. With the gear out these days, I totally recommend it.

Still in the neighborhood of Silverberry and will be for a while yet. Lots of new construction here and some really nice houses going up. I’m having fun exploring the new neighborhoods and just have to dodge all the equipment all over the place. I’ve been limiting myself a bit to 8km runs because the jury is still out on my knee but hopefully can ramp it up a bit in the near future. Stay tuned for the next update!


Written by Tim L

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