Week 4 & 5…Finally we have a launch!

Northeast Edmonton at the Henday

Not gonna lie, I was getting antsy about putting the launch of the website off again but luckily I’m ok with the way it is at the moment and therefore it is finally launched! It needs a bunch of work and there are a few glitches here and there but I’ll work ’em out as I go along. If anybody is readying this post and doesn’t really understand what The Streets Initiative is all about, just head back to the home page and select TSI’s Vision off the main menu and it’ll explain everything…

It’s been tough getting out these last few weeks but I was still able to hit some k’s. The weather has been great which makes it all the better. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Edmonton’s river valley has got to be arguably one of the greatest parks for people that enjoy running, biking, walking, etc. The River Valley Alliance, a local group that has been really strong in getting the trail system to it’s current state, has recently completed some new paths at the Henday and going east to 17st. Even though we were in the city, it still felt like we could have been off in the middle of nowhere. You gotta go check it out. I think the final plan is to have a linked set of trails from Fort Saskatchewan all the way to Devon.

I kept chipping away at Silverberry over the last couple of weeks as well. What a great neighborhood. Throughout the rest of this month, I’ll try and get at least another 75k in if my knee doesn’t complain too much. Prob best to let that be the deciding factor. Even 3 runs a week seems unlikely at this point but I’m pretty optimistic for the new year. Just a quick post this time, getting ready to head out for some sledding and go hit some jumps as my kids would say.

Like I said, the plan is to keep at SE Edmonton for the next little while so stay tuned for the next update in a week or two!


Written by Tim L

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