Week 8 & 9…The ball is rollin’!

I’m glad to say that 2020 is finally in the rearview mirror and that it’s a pretty safe bet that 2021 will probably be better. What that also means is that the very first donation period of The Streets Initiative is officially over! Carla Duttenhoffer was the first featured runner on the site and had chosen that the donations were to go to The Homes for Heroes Foundation. HFH is an organization dedicated to getting Canadian Forces members at risk access to support systems they may require and also into one of the villages they are building in cities across Canada until they are able to get back on their feet. The grand total that was raised for November and December was…………(drumroll)………$235.52! Awesome! That figure comprises $110.00 from kilometers I ran in the city plus an additional $125.52 that came from generous donations from local citizens like you which is super! Thanks a lot for everyone’s support!

With the new period now upon us, the next recipient is Risky Genes (as chosen by Featured Runner #2, Michael Markowski) and hopefully we can keep the momentum going and beat the total of the previous period. As I mentioned, Risky Genes is a rebrand of The Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Society in case you’re familiar with it. Feel free to donate on the site but I also encourage anyone to visit the Risky Genes site directly at . I’ve got a couple of new features I’ll be adding or replacing on the site to make it a bit better so keep checking back on here and I think you’ll like the changes!

Thanks Everyone!


Written by Tim L

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Michael’s choice for January & February 2021 donations is RISKY GENES

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