Michael’s choice for January & February 2021 donations is RISKY GENES

Formerly known as the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Society of Alberta, Risky Genes is undergoing some rebranding to become more inclusive. Mike is a person who values the importance of family so I wasn’t surprised he chose Risky Genes due to the fact that his wife had fought a battle with breast cancer in recent years. HBOC genes cause additional types of cancer which at least 1.3 million Canadians carry but that 80-90% don’t even know they have.

Being that hereditary cancer is more dangerous than spontaneous cancer, Risky Genes aims to seek out inherited gene mutations in people early enough to save their lives. In fact, one of the ways their awareness program is actively seeking out carriers is through a commercial, which can be seen here:

All donations made on my site in January and February 2021, in addition to my $1.00 per km running pledge, will go towards this worthy charity. For more information please visit

Thanks so much everybody!

Written by Tim L

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