The Featured Edmontonian for May and June 2022 is JOHN MARKOWSKI

Sherwood Park resident John Markowski has been a resident of both the city and surrounding area for his whole life. He’s a long-time runner who has completed seven marathons under 3 hours, which is good because I remember him telling me one time that marathon organizers back in the 80’s and 90’s would shut the course down after 4 hours regardless of whether you were complete the race or not! Things have really changed since running has gained significant popularity over the last 20 years with far more entrants in races than ever before. I remember as a little kid watching John cross the finish line of the St. Albert 10 Miler back in the late 80’s and couldn’t believe that a person could run that far. In fact, I think it’s what first got me thinking that running would be a really fun sport to get involved in. Many years later, John and I both competed in the very same10 miler where he set a sparkling time of 1:05:25 at the age of 50 and this time I couldn’t believe that someone could run that fast! That proved to me that perceveriance and dedication pays off in the end and has always given me something to focus on when injuries have had me on the shelf. To read a bit about The Mustard Seed, which is John’s choice for all donations to come in this period, just click the link:

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John’s Choice for May and June donations is THE MUSTARD SEED

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