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    Life on the trail according to Jason Kinsella

    Jason Kinsella loves his unicycle. Not many people have ridden one, much less owned one, but Jason has. It’s symbolic of his approach to running, racing, and life in general. Just embrace the unknown and figure it out as you go. The 42 year old, who is married and has been living in Edmonton for […] More

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    The Featured Runner for May and June 2021 is JASON KINSELLA

    The featured runner train continues to add new passengers as it slowly rolls along. This period is none other than speedy local Edmontonian, Jason Kinsella. I was lucky enough to catch up to him (both figuratively and literally…this guy can run!) and have a really interesting conversation with him out on the trails in Fort […] More

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    The Featured Runner for March and April 2021 is CHRIS SKRENEK

    It’s that time again and with the arrival of March, I’m happy to introduce local Edmonton surveyor, Chris Skrenek as The Streets Initiative’s featured runner for the next 2 month donation period. I was glad that Chris agreed to help out because he epitomizes a large part of what my secondary goal with the project […] More