The Featured Runner for September and October 2021 is NIC ISRAEL

I’m glad that Nic agreed to become this month’s featured runner since I have had a slew of dude’s filling this role ever since the first segment (which was my wife, dating all the way back to a year ago almost!) It’s definitely time to get some female representation back on here! I met the local ICU nurse out at Ezio Farone park downtown and is a fascinating addition to the Featured Runner Club. Nic is a real outdoor enthusiast who is really into back country hiking and exploring and has some really interesting treks under her belt. She even visited Tanzania and was able to summit Mt Kilmanjaro, one of the Earth’s seven summits (the seven summits being comprised of the tallest mountain on each continent). As far as running goes, she told me that she only started running back in April of this year, yet has been able to rip out 30+km runs already as she trains for some ultras in her future, so great work, Nic! The Family Centre is her pick for all donations and pledges this period and you can read more about what they do here:

Written by Tim L


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  1. Unfortunately, Jason Kinsella declined the video interview. It just wasn’t something he was comfortable with. Jason is a great guy that keeps it pretty low key.

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Nic’s choice for September and October 2021 donations is THE FAMILY CENTRE

Kyley’s choice for November and December donations is CASA