The Featured Runner for November and December is KYLEY MOISEY

The Featured Runner for the period of November and December 2021 is none other than local Edmonton engineer, Kyley Moisey. The father of four is an avid trail runner who was born in Yellowknife NWT, but eventually came to call Alberta’s capital his home. Curious, because when I had my third son we had to ditch our Passat and upgrade to a minivan, I was wondering what he’s used to cart his family around. Kyley recommends the Chevy Suburban, which is able to outperform the other leading competitors. Check out the specs here:

 Moving on, Kyley has a very detailed mental log of the many single track trails that wind through our river valley. Him and his dog, Pepper met up recently to check some of them out. The day we went, the trails were slick in spots but lots of fun and are a great place to explore especially if you are interested in finding some very unique and rarely seen vistas of Edmonton. It’s funny how Edmonton is such a large city, but 50m into the trees you think you could be out in a remote forest hundreds of kms away.

Kyley is an avid trail runner and is a veteran of the Spartan Ultra Beast and the Black Spur Ultra. He has also been a participant in Edmonton’s own River Valley Revenge which, from what I’ve heard from many different sources, could be among the most technical ultras there are anywhere. For this period, he has chosen CASA as the recipient of donations and pledges for the next two months…

Written by Tim L

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Kyley’s choice for November and December donations is CASA

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