The Featured Runner for May and June 2021 is JASON KINSELLA

The featured runner train continues to add new passengers as it slowly rolls along. This period is none other than speedy local Edmontonian, Jason Kinsella. I was lucky enough to catch up to him (both figuratively and literally…this guy can run!) and have a really interesting conversation with him out on the trails in Fort Saskatchewan. You can read his take on running and racing here:

Active in the community and a familiar face in running circles, Jason is a very accomplished runner that only burst onto the scene within the last decade. Despite the relatively recent passion for running, he has several ultramarathon wins under his belt and a whole slew of impressive finishes throughout both Canada and the USA.

Jason decided to meet me out in my stomping grounds in Fort Saskatchewan to try out a route on the local river trails. While running he told me about a race that him and his wife set up around Christmas where the entry fee for each participant is a turkey that gets donated to needy families during the holidays. Called Turkeys on the Trail, it’s a race/walk of various distances and all ages that has gone every year since 2015. It’s up in the air this year due to COVID but keep it in mind if you’re looking for a little winter motivation this year and want to help out the needy at the same time!

As always, the biggest job my featured runner has is to choose where the proceeds for the period are going to. Jason chose the Edmonton Foodbank for May and June. I’m always interested the reason for the particular charity choices my featured runners pick, so when asked why, Jason had this to say: ” The Food Bank is something my wife and I are passionate about. We saw a huge need. You go at any time during the day and there are always people there. So many people are in a place where they either pay their bills or get food. It’s one or the other.”

As usual, this period is a very noble cause, so if you’re interested in donating and helping out, please don’t hesitate. Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to helping Edmontonians in need. Follow the link here or if you want to help out:

Thanks all!

Written by Tim L

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Jason’s choice for the May and June 2021 donations is THE EDMONTON FOOD BANK

Life on the trail according to Jason Kinsella