Week 89…200 down, 200 to go?

UPDATE: Kms run: 2,3210.75

Donations Raised: $6438.08

Current Charity: Our House Edmonton

Before I get into the latest update, big shout out to Dave Proctor of Okotoks, AB who is getting to the tail end of his attempt to run across Canada. He started out on May 15 at the Terry Fox Memorial in St. Johns, Newfoundland and began his long journey west to Victoria. The goal is to best Al Howie’s previous TransCanada record of 72 days 10 hours and so far Dave is in good shape to get his run completed in roughly 67 days! That’s unbelievable when you consider that he has been running an average of around 105km per day along the TransCanada highway since he started. WOW! It’s hard to wrap your mind the amount around the endurance and mental fortitude is needed to be able to attack that many kms each and every day, fighting through pain and fatigue. What an adventure, though, and such a great way to be able to see the country. I went to his Facebook page and was reading some of his daily updates which are super interesting. Dave talks a bit about that day’s run even stating what his best ditch find of the day was haha . Great job Dave, stay safe on those highways!

Now I’ve never claimed to be a very tech savvy individual, in fact other than basic Microsoft Office skills and booting up internet backgammon, I’m pretty low on the talent scale in most other departments of computer I.T.. I happened to notice that that map I use on my homepage shows an accurate representation of my coverage of the city if you’re looking up on your computer but for some reason it is not accurate for some phones or tablets. I’m not sure of the reason but I’m just putting it out there that if anyone was wondering why it looked like I had hardly covered any of the city based on the green tracking lines but was claiming to have run over 2000 kms, that’s why. I’ll figure it out. My phone only shows be just getting into Mill Woods, it’s like over a year behind where I actually am. If anyone knows the reason for this I’d love to hear any theories…anyway, here is my actual progress:

So I’m over 200 runs in so far and based on the visual image of what I’ve completed, it’s looking obvious that if I continue with my average of about 11kms per run, it’s going to be at least 200 or 300 more runs until this thing is in the bag. I’m nearly done the chunk of SW Edmonton up to the river and I really don’t think I’ll see neighborhoods as posh as the ones in Windermere and Jagare Ridge for the rest of this project. It’s been so much fun running around here and seeing the amazing architecture that I’ll never get for myself unless I hit 6/49 or something haha. I always knew there were high end houses in the city but I had just never had any reason to go in here before. It’s been fun exploring the trails, parks and streets in this area but all the range roads coming up are going to be a fun change of pace!

See you out there everyone!

Hole 8 Windermere Golf Course Uof A’s Dewey’s Pub Trolley Tracks at High Level Bridge

Walterdale Hill Anthony Henday at 17st Welcome to Edmonton!

Written by Tim L

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