Crystal’s choice for July/August 2023 donations is THE STOLLERY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL

Crystal has chosen all donations for The Streets Initiative for July and August to go to one of Edmonton’s most well known and far reaching charities, The Stollery Childrens Hospital. Opened in October of 2001, The Stollery is located within the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton and has a staggering 300,000+ patient visits and over 50,000 emergency room visits each year.

I wasn’t aware of this but the Stollery gets its name from Bob and Shirley Stollery who gave the initial donation in 1989 that kicked off the campaign to build the hospital and eventually was successful in raising over $10 million dollars. One of the first patients they had back in 2001 was a 14 month old girl that was found in the snow and who they were able to revive and save after all other previous efforts had failed. If The Stollery had only existed for that single event, their creation would have been worth it. Today, geared towards specialized childrens care, the Stollery is a center for cardiac surgery, organ transplants, has a neonatal intensive care unit and also a multitude of other clinics geared towards children. 37% of the inpatient visits are from out of town and they lead all Canadian institutions in organ transplants. Their impressive reputation for complex surgeries aside, this hospital is a viable option for all parents to consider for non life threatening conditions as well. My own son, in fact, was treated for a broken arm by the professional staff of nurses and doctors over there.

In order to be able to keep up this level of care for anything from a minor infection to a heart transplant, they need constant funding and every dollar donated can literally save the next child that goes through their doors. I’m excited to be assisting The Stollery for the next couple of months and am glad that Crystal has chosen them as this period’s recipient! Be generous Edmonton! To make a donation either go to the donations tab on the home screen or follow this link here: .For more information on the Stollery and ways that you can help in fund raising efforts, visit

Thanks once again for your support Edmonton!

Written by Tim L

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