The Featured Edmontonian for July and August 2023 is CRYSTAL COCHRANE

Ok so the 15th installment of The Streets Initiative’s Featured Edmontonian is upon us and the individual sliding into that slot like a Krazy Karpet down Connors Hill is none other than 41 year old Spruce Grove resident Crystal Cochrane! Crystal grew up in Dovercourt in Edmonton’s northwest and always had her sights set on being a teacher, so it was no surprise that the 41 year old mother of two became a graduate of the University of Alberta’s faculty of Education in 2003, and soon after, an elementary school teacher with the Edmonton Catholic School Board. After getting married, and having 2 great kids, she left that career for the tougher one of being a stay at home mom. It’s no surprise to me that someone like Crystal, who has been involved with the care and guidance of kids for much of her life, decided that the recipient of this period’s donations should be The Stollery Childrens Hospital. An institution who’s sole purpose is the care of children. To read a bit more about The Stollery, follow the link and see the great things that they do! So, cmon Edmonton, let’s support Crystal and this awesome charity by making a donation!

Written by Tim L

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Crystal’s choice for July/August 2023 donations is THE STOLLERY CHILDRENS HOSPITAL

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